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Hi, i am Yash !

Hi, i am

Yash !

I design websites and enjoy traveling to new places

If you're searching for a designer to transform your ideas into reality, let's collaborate and bring them to life!

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My Studio

At some point in time, every designer dreams of opening his own design studio, here's mine

Behind Every Great Project is a Team of Amazing People

My Journey from Hustling Student to Shy Intern, Startup Founder, Head of Design, Global Freelancer and Beyond!

Team Think School

Team BloomX

Team Sprouts Digital

The process — Behind the scenes.


Research and analyze the project requirements and objectives.


Plan and ideate different directions.


Crafting, Refining & doing some sort of magic.


Test and iterate.

Testimonials 😍

Designs so good, they'll make your mother-in-law compliment your taste.

Get in touch

If you’re a startup looking for a designer with a broad skill set from concept and strategy to design, get in touch.

Remotely from India


Phone: +91 6262289369

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On My Bookshelf

The magical land where reality is suspended, and imagination reigns supreme. Brace yourself for a wild ride!

People I'd like to meet

I've been fortunate enough to meet some of my heroes, but I still have a long way to go. This is a list of some of the people I'd like to high five IRL.

Ganesh Prasad

Ansh Mehra

Payal Dhare

Saptarshi Prakash

Amit Das

Harish Sivaramakrishnan

Abhinav Chikara

Rahul Bhadoriya

Chethan Kvs

Ayush Wadhwa

Chris Do


Casey Neistat

Anik Jain

Ashwani Thapa

Rubhen D'sa


Salim Dabanca

Dann Petty

Neil Patel

Samay Raina

Bucket List 🪣

Tip : catch it

Travel in Flight

Cliff Jumping

Learn Finance

Learn Swimming

Go Sky Diving

Learn Skateboarding

Go on Cruise

Fall in Love

My Playlist🎶

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Cutting Chai for Me

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tea, and that's kind of the same thing!

PS: #C5834C color code of my perfect cup of chai

Why Chai Bhai ? Why Chai Bhai ?

 Help me stay energized and focused with a cup of chai!

Overcome creative blocks and bad days with a pick-me-up chai.

Brighten my day and support my work with a surprise cup of chai!

Say Hi ! or internet stalk him more or let's go somewhere together.




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