Hi, I'm


I design websites and enjoy traveling to new placesThought I'd be in space, now I design cyberspaceWeb designer, avid reader, pet lover, and adventure seeker – that's me!From dropout to design entrepreneur

If you're searching for a Website designer to transform your ideas into reality

Hi, I'm


I design websites and enjoy traveling to new placesThought I'd be in space, now I design cyberspaceFrom dropout to design entrepreneur

If you're searching for a Website designer to transform your ideas into reality

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Portfolio Review

Get personalized feedback with a video review. Detailed, actionable tips to make your portfolio shine.

UX Audit

Unlocking the roadmap to a better version of your product with Private UX audits that have helped start-ups get their first customers, and billion dollar companies keep theirs.

Personalized Website

Custom websites that reflect your brand. Showcase your achievements and connect with your audience.

Landing Page

High-converting landing pages designed to captivate and convert. Perfect for lead generation and product launches.

Shopify Website

Custom Shopify stores optimized for conversions. Seamless shopping experience, from product pages to checkout.

Design Subscription

Tired of looking for reliable freelancer for your client projects? Partner up with me to get high-quality design work on a regular basis. It's easy and flexible. You can start and cancel anytime.

The Process -

Behind The Scenes Behind The Scenes


Research and analyze the project requirements and objectives.


Plan and ideate different directions.


Crafting, Refining & doing some sort of magic.


Test and iterate.

Testimonials 😍

Designs so good, they'll make your mother-in-law compliment your taste.

“We needed a modern and dynamic website to showcase our portfolio and services, and Yash delivered beyond our expectations.

The design is sleek, the animations are engaging, and the overall user experience is top-notch.”

Anik Jain

Founder DZINR

“Our website needed a fresh and professional look. The sleek design and smooth animations have greatly enhanced our online presence. Highly recommend his services!”

Vishal Dhanwani

Cofounder Carousel Media

“The landing page for our Master AI Prompting course turned out to be a game-changer.”

Yuvraj Bhati

Cofounder Brightso

“Yash designed a beautiful and serene website for my tarot reading services. “

Sakshi Singhal


” The website Yash developed for Mail Your Prospect is both futuristic and modern. It effectively showcases our services and has significantly improved our conversion rates. “

Krishna Saraf

Founder Mail your Prospect

“Yash handled everything from design to A/B testing and LMS automation seamlessly. The results speak for themselves with a notable increase in course purchase.”

Rahul Kothari

Marketing Manager Think School

“Yash’s Modern design and attention to detail have made it easy for users to navigate and find local businesses. The feedback from our users has been overwhelmingly positive!”

Kemi Kumari

Founder Lokla

Get in touch

If you’re a startup looking for a designer with a broad skill set from concept and strategy to design, get in touch.

Remotely from India

Email: work@yashjain.design

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